Black Fire Paste 310ml Tube

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Fire Paste
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High Temperature Adhesive / Sealant

A quality high temperature adhesive and sealant, which is an air-drying silicate based material for bonding low porosity surfaces and general sealing and repairing work where high temperature resistance is required, particularily when sealing joints in flues, stoves, chimneys and round fires.  This product dries to a hard cement like material with good adhesion to many surfaces.

  • Colour - Black
  • 310ml Tube
  • For use on Flue / Chimney Joints, Stoves Connections
  • Temperature Range 200°C - 1250°C 
  • Easy Gunability
  • Fast Skinning
  • Water Clean Up
  • Excellent Slump Resistance


Directions for Use

Surfaces to be sealed must be clean, dry and free from dust, dirt, frost, grease and other contaminations.  Cut both the cartidge tip and applicator nozzle to the required diameterm screw nozzle onto cartridge.  Apply product with applicator gun ensuring good surface contact is achieved by forcing selant into the area to be sealed.  When bonding maerial, apply a bead of product to one suface and immediately combine the two parts, applying pressure  to ensure good surface contact.  Allow to air dry for 24hrs, after which gentle heat can be gradually applied.   Wash hands after use.


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