A Flue Liner Insulation is a necessary feature for any fireplace, stove or furnace. It prevents the release of gasses into the home and ensures that harmful byproducts do not simply enter your living area. This insulation wraps entirely around the pipe to provide the proper balance to effectively channel these fumes out of your house through an existing chimney system.

Blocking off the top of your chimney makes it a lot easier to keep gas from getting into other parts of your home and protect your family.

How can I tell if my flue requires Liner Insulation? 

Liner Insulation is beneficial when faced with a crackling fire that just won't die down despite repeated attempts to extinguish it or a drastic increase in billowing smoke not typically seen at this temperature. Flues that are in need of liner insulation often emit sparks and discoloured soot more than what one might expect for normal function without intervention - these signs could be marked as warning indicators of needing additional insulation.

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