Chimney Notice Plate

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  • Chimney Notice Plate
  • Chimney Notice Plate
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Chimney Notice Plates (Requirement J4) 1.56 Where a hearth, fireplace (including a flue box), flue or chimney is provided or extended (including cases where a flue is provided as part of the refurbishment work), information essential to the correct application and use of these facilities should be permanently posted in the building.  

A way of meeting this requirement would be to provide a notice plate as shown in Diagram 1.9 conveying the following information:

  • The location of the hearth, fireplace (or flue box) or the location of the beginning of the flue.
  • The category of the flue and generic types of appliances that can be safely accommodated.
  • The type and size of the flue (or its liner if it has been relined) and the manufacturer`s name.
  • The installation date.

1.57 Notice plates should be robust, indelibly marked and securely fixed in an unobtrusive but obvious position within the building such as:

  • Next to the electricity consumer unit; or
  • Next to the chimney or hearth described; or
  • Next to the water supply stop-cock.

1.58 For chimney products whose performance characteristics have been assessed in accordance with a European Standard (EN) and which are supplied or marked with a designation as described in Paragraph 0.4 (9), the installer may optionally include this designation on the label as shown in Diagram 1.9.

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