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Hand Tools

Chimney Hand Tools

Make working on your chimney easier with the range of hand tools we offer. Chimney tools, such as Wiss hand crimpers and Wiss metal master snips, will make cutting and snipping metal pipes and flashing bases quick and simple. Buy yours now to turn your next project into one that’s hassle free. Browse through our complete range of alarms, sealants and tools to see the other accessories and parts we offer.

  • Wiss Metal Master Snips Wiss Metal Master Snips

    Wiss Metal Master Snips

    This item is a generally used to cut / snip metal pipes or flashing bases. Self Opening Spring Action for Fast Effortless Feed Serrated, Extra Tough, Wear Resistant Molybdenum Steel Jaws Non Slip Textured Grips for Superior Control, Safety...

    £48.55 £36.42 (Inc. VAT)
    £40.46 £30.35 (Ex. VAT)
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  • Wiss Hand Crimpers

    Wiss Hand Crimpers

    This item is a generally used to reduce the diameter of a pipe by approx. 5mm to enable easy installation.  This tool creates a crimped form on a stainless or mild steel pipe (Max 0.9mm thick). Crimps Male Fitting End to Connect Guttering,...

    £60.56 £45.42 (Inc. VAT)
    £50.47 £37.85 (Ex. VAT)
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