Mini Euro Cowl for Chimney Pots

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  • Mini Eurocowl Stainless  for Pots Side
  • Mini Eurocowl Terracotta  for Pots Side
  • Mini Eurocowl Buff for Pots Side
  • Mini Eurocowl Stainless  for Pots Side
  • Mini Eurocowl Stainless  for Pots Top
  • Mini Eurocowl Stainless  for Pots Bottom
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The Mini Eurocowl is a specialised chimney cowl designed to solve the downdraught problem in fireplaces and stoves. It accomplishes this by directing wind across the chimney pot instead of down and into the flue, allowing harmful emissions to escape freely from the top. The cowl's unique design is intended to cure smoky fireplaces and stoves, making it a reliable solution for households struggling with this issue.

One of the most significant benefits of the Mini Eurocowl is its ability to protect chimneys from rain. The cowl's dome top covers standard chimney pot openings, allowing rainwater to run down onto the flange and away from the flue. This prevents rain from coming down the flexible flue liner, reducing the risk of water damage to the chimney. Additionally, the outer skirt of the cowl protects from driving rain from the side, minimising its impact on the chimney's sides.

The Mini Eurocowl is the most versatile anti-downdraught chimney cowl on the market. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for households looking for a reliable solution to downdraught issues.

Eurocowl recommends fitting the stainless steel version of the Mini Eurocowl when burning smokeless and other solid fuels for best results. It is also recommended in coastal areas or areas exposed to extreme weather. Overall, the Mini Eurocowl is an effective and versatile solution to the issue of downdraught, protecting from rain and other weather elements while allowing harmful emissions to escape freely out of the chimney's top.

Mini Euro Cowl Stainless Steel Features

  • Designed to Adapt to an Existing Chimney Pot
  • Static Anti Downdraught Cowl
  • Available in Raw Stainless or Terracotta Finish
  • Sold Fully Assembled and Ready to Fit
  • No Special Tools Required
  • Made from 316 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Complete with Stainless Steel Strap
  • High Dome Allows for Effective Sweeping
  • Highly Effective in Preventing Downdraught
  • Highly Effective in Preventing the Ingress of Rainwater
  • Base Width 300mm (12")
  • Base Hole Diameter 200mm (8")
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