Flueboost 800

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  • Flueboost 800
  • Flueboost 800
  • Flueboost 800
  • Flueboost 800
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Capacity & Ranges
Manufactured from Stainless Steel the Flueboost 800 will handle flue gases up to 300°C with heat outputs up to 800,000 Btu/h (235Kw).  Based on Normal Secondary flue temperatures of the average gas appliance working at 75% efficiency are 180°C with a CO² content of 5%.

Time Delay
The fan has a built in variable pre-purge (time delay) and post purge of approximately 30 seconds to 3 minutes, this is to purge the boiler of any gases before ignition.

Pressure Switch
The pressure switch has contacts which close with air flow and open in the event of a fan failure.  The pressure switch has an interlock installed which ensures a fail safe operation.

A plug-in electrical connector is supplied which is a multi-pin connector fitted with a five core lead, the five cores are colour coded to the following:-
Brown = Permanent Live
Blue = Permanent Neutral 
Green & Yellow = Earth 
Black & White = Switch Live from Thermostat to Fan
Black = Switch Live from Fan to Boiler.
The output supply is 220/240 volt with live only.

Electrical & Sound Details
220/240 Volt Single Phase Input/Output

Starting Current 1.5Amp
Running Current 0.72Amp
Sound Level 68dba @ 3 Metres
Weight 22.5Kg

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