Metaloterm ME Eccentric Increaser

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ME Eccentric Increaser
  • ME Eccentric Increaser
  • ME Eccentric Increaser Dims
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ME system is a modular single wall flue/chimney system, made of stainless steel with a silicone sealing ring, this product is used to increase from one diameter up to the next, it can be used in the horizontal if required due to the eccentric design.  ME is a universal flue/chimney system which is suitable for both high and low temperatures, non-condensing and condensing applications with flue gasses under positive and negative pressure. It can resist a chimney fire.  Therefore the system is suitable for a wide range of applications such as boilers, stoves, ovens and a ventilation system.

  • Application:- System Chimney/Connecting Flue Pipe/Chimney Liner
  • Operating mode:- Dry/wet
  • Pressure:- N1/P1/H1
  • Max. working pressure:-5000 Pa
  • Max. operating temperature:- 200°C (positive pressure - P1/H1 applications)
  • Inner wall:- material AISI 316L/EN 1.4404
  • thickness:- Ø80 - Ø200: 0.4mm / Ø250 - Ø300: 0.5mm /Ø350: 0.6mm
  • Fuel type:- Oil/wood/coal/pellets normal (wood)/gas
  • CE Approvals:- EN 1856-1: System Chimney T200 P1/H1 W V2 L50040 O30 


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