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  • exodraft chimney fan
  • exodraft chimney fan
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  • exodraft draftbooster
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Exodraft chimney fan (Draftbooster) installs easily on the chimney or existing twin wall flue of your house. It ensures easy lighting of the fire and good combustion in closed wood-burning stoves and fireplace inserts, creating ideal conditions, especially during initial operation, when the chimney draught may be limited. A Draftbooster reduces any release of smoke into the room when the stove door is open for refuelling. With a Draftbooster, you get the full benefit of your wood-burning stove. It is manufactured from stainless steel EN1.4301/AISI314.

Benefits of using Draftbooster

Often cold still mornings or evenings allow heavy cold spots within chimneys preventing the initial start-up fire from rising up the chimney and this results in the smoke spilling into the room causing inconvenience, using the exodraft chimeny fan on start-up prevents the spillage of the smoke into the room until the chimney has warmed through and a normal negative draft is achieved within the chimney. This problem is more common on twin wall flues positioned on the exterior of properties and within oversized/large chimney stacks. Once the temperature of the chimney rises after start-up, the draftbooster can be switched off allowing the flue system to operate normally under negative pressure, reloading the stove may also be a problem with smoke leaking into the room, but this can also be prevented by simply turning on the draftbooster during reload.


  • 266mmØ Diameter
  • 230mm High


Approx. 36 Watts at Full Load, Draftbooster can be switched off at any point when the fire is established.


The Draftbooster should be inspected at least twice a year in connection with the chimney inspection.  Soot and other deposits must be removed from the rotor blades and the bottom off the engine housing.  In order to extend the life of the engine the draftbooster must be switched on regularly, even outside of the heating season.

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